Atlis Motor Vehicles A new ownership experience


Atlis Motor Vehicles isn’t just changing the truck, we’re changing the ownership experience. From the purchase process to how you interact with us throughout the life of your vehicle, we want to improve every aspect. We’re developing an all-inclusive subscription model, designed to stretch your dollar further and maximize your electric pickup truck experience.


customer interaction

Communicate and interact the way you want, on your schedule


At-home or at-work delivery and service

self diagnosis.png

Self-diagnostics ensure your truck is in its best possible condition

no haggle.png

Clear, no-haggle pricing

Every customer will be able to interact with us throughout both the sales and service processes via our web portal, mobile app, sending an email, or just picking up the phone. We will have self-diagnostic capabilities to help ensure any problems are identified and corrected as quickly as possible, before they turn into a bigger problem. We'll be offering convenient service on your schedule, on-site at your location whenever possible.


Atlis subscription
new vehicle.png

Get a new vehicle every 3, 5 or 7 years


Routine Maintenance is 100% covered


Insurance is 100% covered

free charging.png

Unlimited free charging at Atlis Advanced Chargers


Starting at just $700/month

Subscribers will realize significant monthly savings over traditional ownership. Buying a vehicle in the way you're used to means that you have to deal with many additional items like insurance, financing, inspections, registrations, maintenance, and more. The ATLIS subscription will give you one easy-to-budget monthly payment with nothing else to worry about. It also means an ongoing experience of new vehicles, every three, five, or seven years. Maintenance will be covered, as will charging.


Atlis direct purchase

10-year, 100% bumper-to-bumper coverage warranty

pay as you go charging.png

Pay-as-you-go charging

personal insurance.png

Must carry personal insurance

no haggle.png

Starting at $45,000

You can always directly purchase an ATLIS outright, where you control your financing and insurance options, and can customize it to suit your needs. For direct purchases, you'll have a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, with the convenience of pay-as-you-go charging when you need it. The long-lasting electric powertrain will provide you with many years of consistent, reliable service and less down time.


Atlis service and warranty

Much less maintenance required compared with the truck you own today

Heart & Hands

Basic maintenance can be performed by yourself or shops you already trust

EV’s have inherently longer maintenance intervals than combustion engines, and our trucks are being designed for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity. But when needed, maintenance and repairs will be carried out by independently operated shops who are certified to maintain ATLIS pickup trucks, as well as our own service stations and mobile service capabilities which will gradually be established as we continue to grow. Basic maintenance items such as tire changes can be performed at any shop where you can take your existing vehicle.