We are AMV

Our mission is to take on big, complex challenges with technology that makes a lasting impact.

Challenging the Status Quo.

We believe in challenging the norm. The mundane. The status quo. We never settle for what is. We pursue what can be. Should it not exist, we do something about it. We build it. It's our duty and contribution to this world.

Ignited by Curiosity.

AMV was born from grit, determination, and the sweat of Mark Hanchett's brow. Ignited by curiosity and a hunger to change the world, what started out as a garage project, converting a diesel truck to an EV, led to a spark. The idea: design an EV work truck from the ground up, making sure it was capable enough to meet the needs of the hard at work.

Today, we're making it happen. We're developing equipment for ranchers, miners, workers, fleet managers, and more to provide EV solutions that will transform the way work gets done. We are AMV.

We're a new type of EV startup. Where determination and grit play together in harmony for the hard at work.

atlis member grinding metal

We stay focused the only way we know how, by living our values every day.

Candid Ownership

We own every aspect of our work and the impact our work has on the team, producing requirements driven outcomes that support our goals and our team. We take pride in the quality of work we deliver and how that work represents us as a company.

Team First

We make courageous decisions that are best for the team and our goals. We have pride in our teams, exercising integrity by holding each other accountable and supporting each other with humility.

Make It Happen

Despite constraints, we focus on our goals, the requirements driven process and deliver quality with integrity to commitments. We are always achieving and advancing towards our goals with resilience and determination.

Intentional Simplicity

The deliberate decision to keep things simple and uncluttered in design, functionality, or both. It is the opposite of complexity, and it involves making conscious choices to minimize unnecessary elements or features, and to prioritize simplicity and ease of use.

Just A Few Pubs That Dig Us

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Mark Hanchett

Founder / CEO

Annie Pratt


Apoorv Dwivedi


Benoit Le Bourgeious

VP User Experience

Kate Sieker

VP of People

David Apps

VP of Operations

Liwen Ji

Sr. Director Battery Cell Engineering

Sean Conway

Chief Vehicle Engineer

Andrew Eyerman

Director of Engineering - Battery Pack

Victor Atlasman

Director of Engineering - Charging Station

Neil Cooper

Director of Software Engineering

Nathaniel Barcelos

Director of Hardware Engineering

Will Rudolphi

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Mary Trout

Director of Marketing + Communications

We're Always Looking for Talented People

Join our team of outlaws and challenge the status quo.

We're a team of renegades, engineers, designers and technicians on a mission to build intuitive EV equipment for the hard at work.