Atlis Motor Vehicles was born in founder Mark Hanchett’s garage, ignited by curiosity and personal motivation. Mark’s goal: take his energy-guzzling diesel pickup and transform it into an electric truck. Early on, it was just Mark, his truck and long hours spent in the solitude of his garage. His early efforts spurred him to think hard about what pickup truck owners truly wish for in an electric vehicle. He leveraged his engineering background and relied on colleagues who are experts in various fields—power tech, battery and so forth—to find out. Together, they sought to disrupt the status quo that is quickly taking over the electric vehicle market, and to discover just how far they can take it. The result: the XT Pickup Truck. It’s not just a better electric vehicle, it’s not just a better pickup, it’s the foundation for an entirely new approach to electric vehicles.


Mark Hanchett has over ten years of product development experience with 16 successful electromechanical and software product launches. Mark Hanchett brings a passion for solving hard problems in product strategy, design, manufacturing, and business operations, while continuously driving a focus on the best possible customer experience. Mark has served as Founder, Director, and CEO of Atlis Motor Vehicles since inception in 2016. Before starting Atlis Motor Vehicles, Mark was a director at Axon Enterprise Inc from 2012 to 2017, leading teams in the development of innovative hardware and software products for law enforcement. From 2007 to 2012 he served as a senior mechanical engineer and project manager leading cross-functional teams through design and development of innovative conductive electrical weapons at Axon Enterprise inc. He lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two kids.



Ross is an award winning designer with a varied background within automotive design. After completing the famous Coventry University Automotive and Transport design course he went straight to Turin, Italy where he was lucky enough to work on the interior to the Willys AW380 show car shown in Bologna 2014. From there Ross has been on many smaller scale projects for new and developing brands, designing everything from supercars to trucks. Perhaps the most notable experience is his work at Bollinger Motors where Ross, alongside the owner, designed the Bollinger B1. His growing collection of works can be found on his own site www.macchinadesign.com. 



Liam has a passion for emerging technologies, innovative ideas, and scrappy teams. A mechanical engineer by education, he has worked across a broad range of fields, from manufacturing technologies, to aerospace hardware, to consumer products. Before Atlis, Liam led the consumer engineering team at Axon/Taser, where he planned and developed mechanical, electrical, and software systems. Growing up between Montana and Washington, Liam loves the outdoors and believes a great product should be much like nature: inspiring, durable, sustainable, and simple, yet full of detail.



Derek’s love for the automotive industry started with his first truck – since he can remember, he's been researching trucks and imagining ways to design and modify them. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine, he moved to Michigan to work with IAV Automotive Engineering at the Chrysler Proving Grounds. A truck guy through-and-through, Derek spends most of his personal time designing and implementing his ideas into truck builds.  He is currently designing, testing and validating the suspension and chassis designs for the Atlis Motor Vehicles XT and XP.



Matt has an experienced background in a wide variety of fields. While pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree, he competed in the SAE Supermileage competition as a body design team lead. Matt then pursued his creative side and achieved his Masters in Design, New Product Innovation with Arizona State University. He has worked at TASER International as an industrial designer, performed consumer research, prototyping, and UI design at Nautilus Fitness, and has done freelance design. Matt is our swiss-army-knife here at Atlis, able to grind out CAD work on our platform and body for weeks on end, and then switch gears into creative UI, graphics, and video work at a moment's notice. In his spare time, Matt is a competitive cyclist and ultramarathoner.



Greg comes from a background in IT where he became involved with automotive software startup company HomeNet Automotive.  Moving through a variety of roles including CTO, COO, and VP of IT Operations, he was a key asset in building the company to 150+ employees and executing an acquisition by Cox / AutoTrader.com.  Since then he has been consulting with a variety of businesses and partnered with, invested in, and project managed other startups including a hydroponic farm in Puerto Rico. Greg has been a lifelong motorsports enthusiast, having raced Porsches and motorcycles, and off-roading in a variety of pickups and SUVs. He’s been living the Electric Vehicle life since 2014 and is actively involved in many EV advocacy groups, now having 3 electric vehicles of his own on both four wheels and two.



Glenn has continually straddled the line between finance and technology with years of experience in new technology development, engineering finance, and venture capital. Graduating with a B.S. in Finance from Xavier University and an MBA from Cornell Tech, Glenn has held numerous roles at GE Energy, GE Oil & Gas, and GE Ventures where he worked on charging network expansions, EV ride sharing, and electrified public transport. He is passionate about a future dominated by alternative energy and believes expanding access to electrification technology is key to that realization. At Atlis, Glenn is focused on business growth, market strategy, strategic partnerships, and building the resources to bring BEV pickups to the mass market.



Annie is a creative problem solver with a background in product management, design, and business.  After studying Product Design at Stanford's d.school, she kicked off her career as a Product Manager at Axon Enterprise, launching in-car video solutions for law enforcement. Most recently she served as the Director of Consumer Products at Axon, where she built an independent business unit and doubled both revenue and profit in three years. She brings a passion for design thinking, user experience, and business strategy to Atlis. As the Chief of Staff, Annie owns strategic projects and programs focused on growth and operates as the right-hand to the Leadership Team. 



James has worked in the automotive industry his entire professional career, covering everything from dealership technician to finance to vehicle dynamics development. During his time studying Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University he knew that he wanted to pursue vehicle development, and quickly decided that the Arizona Toyota proving grounds would be his home. After a few years he moved to a tech startup working with self driving technology where he helped build one of the leading self driving programs in the industry. With Atlis he’s excited to innovate and design using new practices yielding better results.  He is bringing his years of testing experience while to help make sure we produce a product that meets and exceeds customer expectations.



Amber is a marketing professional specializing in digital and social media. Her background is rooted in hospitality, entertainment and revenue management; with having the goal of delivering the best customer experience possible. This customer first mentality led to creating the first digital response programs and monitoring of guests digitally for large entertainment companies. Amber provides her marketing expertise and runs the social media channels at Atlis, creating content and providing analytic insights. In her spare time, Amber enjoys traveling, playing soccer and hiking with her dog and husband. Amber holds a Master of Communication Management from the University of Southern California (Fight On!).




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