Everything a pickup truck should be

The XT Pickup is everything you expect in a truck: it’s rugged, it’s durable, it can perform in the most extreme conditions. It’s also designed to maximize passenger comfort, storage and usability. Meet the 100% electric Atlis XT.


Standard features

  • Assembled in the USA
  • 4-wheel drive with independent traction motors at each wheel
  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • All vehicles come with a single speed gear box per axle
  • Massive front-trunk storage space
  • Advanced regenerative braking with dynamic load control
  • Spray-in bedliner

Configuration options

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way we configure and purchase pickup trucks. Say goodbye to packages and classes. When you purchase your XT Pickup Truck, choose the vehicle features and capabilities that meet your needs.


A quick charging vehicle for those that have busy schedules and need to keep going with minimal downtime.  For the best performance charge your vehicle at an Atlis Motor Vehicles Advanced Charging station. It takes just 15 minutes. Or choose to connect to another charging station of your choice.

ATLIS_Project 2

All-electric battery ranges

Choose your driving range: 300 miles, 400 miles, or 500 miles. All ranges are based on an unloaded truck, with no cargo or trailer weights.

Dash and infotainment systems

A center-mounted digital touch screen will serve as the hub for vehicle settings, heating and cooling, and infotainment with Apple Carplay and Android Audio. Use its physical rotary knob to make fast commands and quickly change settings.

The dash instrumentation will be a multi-split digital touch screen displaying all live vehicle information, including live video feeds from the standard driver assistance cameras.

Interior options
  • Standard: vinyl
  • Optional: carpet
  • Optional: rubber mats
  • Front: 40/20/40 split bench seat
  • Rear: 40/20/40 split bench seat with 60/40 fold
  • Standard: cloth seats
  • Optional: leather seats
Standard driving assistance cameras
  • Side-view mirror driver assistance
  • Backup camera video with corner peak
  • Trailer hookup assist camera
  • Fifth wheel and gooseneck hookup assist camera
  • Forward-facing camera for parking assist
Vehicle cab

Choose your cab configuration: 2+2 extended cab or a 4-door crew cab.

Available suspension options

With air springs and an independent rear suspension, the Atlis Motor Vehicles ensures that heavy loads are properly leveled, while providing the utmost in ride comfort.

  • Standard: Air spring with dynamic load damping and 12-inches of ground clearance
  • Optional: Off-road long travel suspension with 15-inches of ground clearance
    * Off-road long travel suspension unavailable with higher towing and payload options

ATLIS_Project 4 D

Towing and Payload

We use a unique air sprung suspension design with dynamic damping capabilities that adjusts to the vehicle load. This allows us to deliver a consistent and comfortable experience, every time. Final capabilities and options will vary. We are designing for a vehicle capable of towing up to 35,000 lb GCWR, up a 6% grade while maintaining 65mph (dually version).

Trailer hitch towing capabilities
  • 5,000 lb
  • 10,000 lb
  • 15,000 lb
  • 20,000 lb
Fifth wheel and gooseneck towing capabilities
  • 10,000 lb
  • 15,000 lb
  • 20,000 lb
  • 25,000 lb
  • 30,000 lb
  • 35,000 lb
Payload capabilities
  • 1,000 lb
  • 2,000 lb
  • 3,500 lb
  • 5,000 lb

ATLIS_Project 6 B

Bed lengths
  • 6.5-foot bed
  • 8-foot bed (standard with dually option)
Available rear wheel options
  • Single rear wheel
  • Dually rear wheel
Autonomous and driver assistance options

We’ll provide ongoing updates to our autonomous vehicle capabilities until we have reached Level 5 autonomous vehicle capabilities.

  • Standard: Level 1 driver assistance with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, and parking assistance
  • Optional: Advanced adaptive cruise and lane keeping assistance for single pedal operation
  • Future: Advanced autonomous capabilities
Front cargo

The XT Pickup offers the largest usable front-trunk storage area ever. It’s capable of handling two large suitcases, your groceries, tool boxes, and beyond. With air springs and independent front suspension, the XT Pickup lowers for easy loading and unloading, while remaining level when in motion.

ATLIS_Project 4 A

Advanced Traction Control

Enjoy the best traction control on the market. The XT Pickup independently controls power delivery and braking to each wheel, leveraging four independent drive motors with direct drive to each wheel.

traction control super small file


An electric pickup truck shouldn’t require a compromise.

Acceleration and Speed

  • 0 to 60 mph unloaded: Less than 5 seconds
  • 0 to 60 mph to max GCWR: Less than 18 seconds
  • Top speed: 120mph



Own the next generation of pickup trucks. The 100% electric Atlis Motor Vehicles XT.

Coming 2020