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Why Electric pickup trucks? Why now?

All the positives. None of the setbacks.

You count on your truck for the long hauls and the short excursions. It takes you down quiet roads that lead to new adventures. It carries the family on weekend road trips, gives your dog a thrill ride, and keeps your family safe. It serves as the airport pick-up, the grocery delivery truck, the work truck. The truck is ultra-reliable and ridiculously practical.
We want to preserve these experiences. Atlis XT electric pickup truck can handle the needs of today—and deliver more. No burden of fluctuating gas prices. No hassle of long charge times. No worries about your range.

No compromises.

Atlis XT Pickup


Go where you need to go

The 100% electric XT Pickup’s range is comparable or better than that of a gas pickup.

A better experience

You worry about your next adventure. Leave the battery and the capabilities to us.

Trunk included

For the extra storage that you’ve always wanted.

Super-fast charging

Charge in 15 minutes or less. Plug it in and forget it (we mean it).

Innovate with us, Reserve Yours Today

No money down. The first 5,000 reservations get free charging with their vehicle or 20% off their monthly subscription rate.