We sometimes get asked “Where did the name Atlis come from?”, or more directly “Why didn't you spell Atlas properly?”. So here's the brief history to our name.

Before Atlis Motor Vehicles, there was Volta Motor Vehicles. Founder Mark Hanchett quickly realized that name was too similar to a number of other EV companies in the industry, and it didn't send the right message to truck consumers. Mark then compiled a list of possible new names from friends and others he had working on the project, and then sent the list of proposed names out to a number of early-interest potential customers. Among that list of names was Atlis Motor Vehicles, which was submitted by one of the designers who worked on the early concepts.

The designer who created this early concept image, Ryan, is also the one who originally came up with the name Atlis.

When the votes came in they overwhelmingly preferred Atlis to the others. It's a short, easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-spell name, and yet is unique enough to be searchable in the age of Google. We've now trademarked it, and the spelling avoids confusion with prior vehicles and concepts named “Atlas” from other manufacturers in the auto industry.

The word “Atlis”, spelled slightly differently but pronounced similar to “Atlas”, conjures up imagery of a book of maps which speaks to our adventuring spirit, or images of the powerful ancient Greek Titan who was condemned to hold the earth on his shoulders for eternity. So we hope, anyway. In a similar vein, you might have also noticed the globe shape within our logo being held up by the L in Atlis. That's all there is to the story of the Atlis name.


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