Updated: Apr 5, 2019

We recognize that one of the most important factors to what makes a successful truck is the area in which you spend the most time – the interior. From the outset, storage and comfort were top of the list of deliverables. It was incredibly important to create an interior that is simple without feeling bare, and adequately technologically advanced without feeling like a gimmick.

The result is an environment that is both durable and modern. The front seating arrangement gives options for up to 3 adult passengers. This works perfectly for tradespeople who need to transport a small group in one vehicle. But because of the fold down center seat, comfort is not infringed upon for single or coupled passengers. Folding down the center seat reveals armrests and extra storage options – including 3 large cup holders, as well as USB outlets for device charging capabilities. The middle of this arrangement has a space dedicated for your phone or small device to sit in while charging to provide a handy accessible recess. The rear seating mirrors this functionality with the option for 3 people to seat in comfort, or for the middle seat to be converted into extra storage and armrests.

The driver and passenger side doors are equally equipped with areas of practicality. The lower door bin storage area is large enough for any overflow from the glove box, and the soft touch materials higher up provide an armrest. We also have options for material upgrades in various areas. This means that we can offer a more cost effective option such as cloth seating or a more premium feel with upgrade options on materials.

The area that no doubt stands out the most is the dash. The large central screen is flanked either side by dials. We recognize that replacing dials and buttons with a touch screen isn't always ideal in all circumstances - for instance with the use of gloves. Because of this we wanted to make sure that the basic functions were accessible without removing your gloves. The dials are configurable - for instance the driver side dial can be assigned to volume and track control, with the passenger side dial assigned to climate control. This simple feature means while mostly every task will be performed through the central screen, you do have the options to make quick access dials for your most used controls. This creates a simple but effective balance between old and new technology. This feature can also be found on the steering wheel, which itself has two touch pads that allow for quick access functionality.

The display behind the steering wheel is also customizable, with various information being displayed at the drivers discretion. Either side of this screen are the camera feeds for the side cameras. In full color and with a high quality image, the wide aspect ratio gives the driver an unparalleled view of the road. The full benefits of these side cameras are discussed in a prior blog post ( By also including an HUD we are able to open up more space for additional information within sight.

The interior is sleek and modern with a combination soft touch materials and metals. This gives the feeling of subtle luxury without creating an expensive experience. A band of metal bisect the materials across the mid section of the dash with the customizable dials fixed on them. This band then wraps around the entire cabin. Overall the themes of comfort and practicality have been paramount. We wanted our interior to reflect the standards of quality shown on the exterior and by doing so, we created a subtly balanced and comfortable environment. To find out more about our choices on the exterior styling, please follow the link here: .

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