At Atlis, we want to provide customers with the best experience, every time. We will utilize our website, mobile application, as well as the in-vehicle center console screen to deliver consistent and accurate information at a number of different points in the life cycle of a vehicle. These experiences can be guided, similar to a software or website tutorial. Here are some of the ways we plan on leveraging the center console display:

Test Drive We want you to get the most from your test drive experience, and do so in a safe manner where you have some familiarity with the vehicle and environment. First off, test drives may be scheduled online and delivered to you. By having the test drive delivered to you at home or work, you will be able to drive on roads with which you are familiar. Once you're in the driver's seat, we envision pressing a button with a brief introductory video about the vehicle you're sitting in, with a familiarization process to ensure you know where the main controls of the vehicle are located such as lights, wipers, HVAC controls, media and volume controls, etc. We will also discuss things to know about the driving dynamics of the vehicle such as the turning radius, drive modes, how regeneration on braking works, as well as covering the information display on the dashboard and heads-up display (HUD). Lastly, if equipped with digital mirrors, the test drive introduction will show you how they work and familiarize you with looking at the screens via a lane-change simulation.

Vehicle Delivery In a similar fashion to the test drive, the vehicle you order will be delivered to you. Upon delivery, your vehicle will walk you through the additional details of owning your Atlis vehicle. The training can help you get your driver settings configured, your mobile application setup and perform a walk-through of some basic tasks like remotely locking the doors and preconditioning the cabin. It will describe the various charging methods the vehicle can utilize, as well as showing the features and proper operation of the bed, frunk, emergency roadside and tire changing equipment, and more. All the information that should be provided to you at the time of any vehicle delivery, but is often overlooked, will be at your fingertips.

First Time Atlis Driver An abbreviated version of the above content for test drive and delivery will be available when setting up a new driver profile, such as a family member. Covering the basics of vehicle familiarity and driver setup, this will be a faster overview for someone who may not need as much detail as the primary vehicle owner, but will ensure they are familiar enough with the fundamentals to ensure safe operation.

Roadside Recovery & Self-Service If any problems occur during operation of the vehicle, such as a flat tire, again the display can be called upon to provide recovery instructions at your fingertips. Video content or diagrams of the proper way to jack up the vehicle, or set it up for towing, can be easily displayed. There are also items on Atlis vehicles that can be user-servicable, such as the cabin air filter or brakes. For items like these we will provide a how-to video or interactive instructions which will be accessible onscreen.

Help & Information The full owner's manual will be available within the console screen, as well as via the mobile app for reference anytime. Along with that, menu items will have a “clickable” tool tip next to them to explain each function in more detail.

As with all EVs, Atlis vehicles won't require as much maintenance as traditional fossil fuel vehicles, and we hope to keep you out of service centers and rolling on the road as much as possible. Your state may require an annual vehicle inspection as it is, but we don't want to unnecessarily add to that. Also, as a growing manufacturer we recognize that we won't have an immediate presence in every market. Inspections and general maintenance items like tire and brake replacements can be performed at any shop of your choice. We will utilize these strategies, in conjunction with a few other strategies around sales and service to provide our customers with a superior experience that is more in line with modern lifestyles.

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