By Ross Compton

Before diving into the wonderful world of design, I would like to introduce myself. My name is  Ross  and I am the Lead Vehicle Designer at ATLIS Motor Vehicles. I started my career designing show cars and this led me to my first big break designing the B1 for Bollinger Motors.  I am an award-winning designer from the U.K. (insert tea and crumpets joke here), and I was contacted by Mark Hanchett, the CEO & Founder of ATLIS, a couple years ago to help bring his vision to life.  I have been part of the ATLIS team ever since. My primary responsibility at ATLIS is to lead the design creation, create a brand identity through vehicle design and ensure that we have a design language that is translatable over our range of products.  But what is design? Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Everything we touch, engage with, or look at has been designed, be it by evolution or by human hands.  And in the world of vehicle design, it can make or break a company. A design must function impeccably for its demographic. Be it a work truck, adventure truck, or long-distance driver, its purpose must always be reflected in its design.  The truck market is full of growing competition and is largely saturated by one aesthetic. Newer, bolder companies are taking risks. Some are winning, and some are losing; but we are seeing the beginning of a new wave of thinking. The key to success when taking risks: make sure they improve the customer experience. Personally, I love some of the new designs that are taking that next step and breaking free from the  mould  the industry has been cultivating for generations.  So, where does this put ATLIS?  We are all about the workers. Considering our demographic and our awesome fans, I feel it  needs to be somewhere in the middle.  First and  foremost,  we are designing and building a work truck.  It is intended for hard working tradesmen and women, contractors,  and people who get  their hands dirty .  We need a design that keeps in mind the traditional  truck but  pushes it into a new era without being too  polarizing. I want us to take risks,  yes, but calculated ones. The world is  changing,  and we need to be thought leaders with that change.  The design language of ATLIS is unique.  It  contains  new design  cues and bold styling. It reflects the passion of the company, our market, and our followers. Everything in the truck is there for a purpose, nothing that is extra or unnecessary.  We are pushing truck design into a new stage and taking on the established, stagnating companies who refuse to embrace change themselves.  All of us at ATLIS are committed to doing things differently. We are a team of resilient and focused individuals who want  to make the best work truck on the market. By using our technology and incredible engineering, a beautiful masterpiece is growing. A brand is  emerging.  We are here to break rules, challenge the status quo, cause a commotion in the market, and bring you the electric truck the world needs. 


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