Updated: Nov 21, 2019

At Atlis, we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what should be expected of a truck. We challenge ourselves to re-evaluate our technology and design regularly. What we stand for never changes, but our products will continue to get better and better.

We have been developing state of the art batteries and working with companies that are providing the next level in battery design and technology. The new technology we have moved to innovates around ways to cool our batteries. Whereas before we were using air cooled systems, we have since developed new ways of liquid cooling to deliver the most efficient results. This means that the larger front grills became redundant, as they were there almost solely for air flow. We have always believed in including only what's necessary. That’s what makes our designs so bold: everything has a purpose. So, we removed the grills and have released a robust new front end design. This new language is one not based around large grills or vents. It is bold, refined, and still clearly Atlis.

The main headlights have moved down into the space vacated by the grills. This allows us to create a distinct graphic and make the most of the daytime running lights (DRLs). The vertical slats of light have an industrial feel, are distinctly recognizable, and are highly functional. This design takes the aesthetic of our previous concept to the next level.

Overall, this design iteration stays true to the tough and aggressive aesthetic you expect from a high-performance work truck. However, we are continuing to push the limits and have launched a design that is a bit avant-garde and completely intentional. The Atlis XT will make a statement, and so will you. We really hope you like the new direction, and we can’t wait to reveal the prototype in the coming months.


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