ATLIS Launches Reg A Crowdfunding Campaign and Targets $25M Raise

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We have built this company from the support of our fans and future customer base. Our last crowdfunding campaign raised roughly $1 Million and maxed out in less than 24 hours. But this time, we plan to go bigger, we plan to change the future of EV.  Our Regulation A Crowdfunding Campaign is officially launched, and we are targeting a raise of $25 Million. We have successfully stretched every dollar that has been invested in us thus far, and we will not stop. Here is what we have accomplished since our last crowdfunding campaign:

· We are almost at the  finish line of completing the Buck, our first functional vehicle prototype. It charges fast and is built to tow, powered by our proprietary rapid-charge battery tech, prototype steer-by-wire and brake by wire systems, and in-house electric motors. 

· We tripled the size of our team  especially in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Program Management. We have also completed our first summer internship program with engineering and creative students from across the country to tackle mission-critical projects, many of whom are staying on part-time as they go back to school.

· We moved into a 42,000 square foot production facility  in Mesa, Arizona and completed the first construction project to set up basic research and development facilities. We also started the construction of our machine shop.

· We started working with the local power company to  build the world’s first 1.5 MW charging station  at the ATLIS Headquarters.

· We  hosted two ATLIS Battery Days,  to showcase the proprietary battery technology

· We  built a prototype of the ATLIS Advanced Charging Station  and are finalizing the development phase that will get us to production.

· We demonstrated a small-scale battery prototype that charges from  0 to 100% in less than 15 minutes.

· Most importantly, we have  secured more than $1.79 Billion  in reservations for the ATLIS XT and XP Platform.

 This next round of funds will get us from where we are today with concept and design to fully tested and validated production-ready prototypes with manufacturing line equipment ready and production started. In the automotive world, we are moving at lightspeed. Here is what to expect from us over the next few months:

· We’ll release a prototype of the XT Pickup Truck interior and exterior.

· We’ll  reveal our ATLIS Buck, a rough mock-up of the ATLIS XT built for testing. And we’ll build a couple more.

· We’ll  make critical hires  of mostly engineers, strategic sourcing, supply chain, and operations experts.

We want to take a moment to thank you all for the support  and patience  you have shown us throughout this journey. ATLIS would not be here without  you,  and for that the team will always be grateful. 

Check out our investment page for more information on the transparent use of funds and our roadmap:

By participating in this round, you  continue to support us in our journey to disrupt the work truck industry. 

Help us build something great, something that matters. Join us and be part of the future. 



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