Batteries Built to Power Our Communities

Faster charging times to get you and your crew back to work in 15-mins or less.

Developing batteries that charge from 0-100% in 15-minutes, battery packs with ranges of up to 500-miles, industry defining megawatt charging systems, as well as commercial and residential smart energy storage systems, AMV is an undeniable emergent leader in the space.

Designed to Accommodate

Powerful energy solutions, like ours, simply do not exist. Today's industry standard batteries are not designed to accommodate the amount of energy we're aiming for. For us, thermal management is key.

AMV Battery Cube Cells

NMC Chemistry

AMV Battery Packs

Designed for Extreme Use Cases

AMV Advanced Charging

1.5MW Charging
0-100% in 15 mins

Smart Energy Storage

Commercial Solutions
Residential Solutions

The Story of AMV Begins with a Cell

It's fast, affordable, and consistent regardless of conditions.

AMV Cube Cell battery technology is industry leading, enabling 0 -100% charging in 15-minutes or less. While existing battery solutions are optimized to meet the needs of consumer electronics, AMV Cube Cells are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the hard at work. Be it automotive, industrial, aeronautical, or beyond, the AMV Cube Cell is the right spec for the job.

AMV Energy Solutions Designed For The Hard At Work

Power delivered when you need it.

Scalable Battery Pack Solutions

We're delivering consistent performance, regardless of conditions.

Designed to support even the most extreme use cases, withstanding 2,000 rapid charge cycles, AMV battery pack solutions are fully scalable to meet the needs of the hard at work.

We're Setting Out to Make it Happen

Developing capable technology to meet hard demands.

AMV Advanced Charging

Stuck in the snow? Charge in 15-min. Roasting in the sun? Charge in 15-mins. AMV powers those who get the job done, no excuses.

How do we make it happen? 1.5-Megawatt Charging. No one makes a station this powerful. We're developing technology to meet the demands of heavy-duty vehicles, providing solutions that emulate the experience of pulling into a gas station, filling up, and going on with your day.

No Matter the Location

We're providing energy solutions to meet your needs.

Energy Storage Solutions for Home and Work

AMV focuses on sustainable solutions to power the hard at work.

Residential Solutions / Increase your use of sustainable power while decreasing the effects of outages with AMV Residential Storage Solutions (RSS). Gone are the threats of blackouts and brownouts. This is your solution to consistent power.

Commercial Solutions / Access to universal power, capable of various voltage outputs (120 / 208 / 240 / 277 / 480 etc…), AMV Commercial Energy Storage (CES) is for those with grid, utilities, or energy infrastructure that is out of reach.

Powerful Opportunities Await

Ready for faster, more capable energy solutions?

Whether you are looking for battery cells, battery packs, ultra-fast charging, or residential and commercial energy storage, AMV has the solution. Find yours today.