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ATLIS was born in founder Mark Hanchett's garage, ignited by curiosity and personal motivation. Early on, it was Just Mark, his truck and long hours spend in the solitude of his garage. His early efforts spurred him to thick hard about what pickup truck owners truly wish for in an electric vehicle. The result: the XT Pickup truck. Its not just a better electric vehicle, its not just a better pickup, it's the foundation for an entirely new approach to electric vehicles. 


Our mission is a big one: we will change the world with a better alternative. We will build something that matters, not just something to play the game. We will solve problems that are key to our customers' success. We will not be afraid of big challenges. There is a lot of work to and we're looking for optimitic problem-solvers to help us get there. 

We want to build something great - something that matters.

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Be a part of a high-horsepower team developing a 100% battery-electric full-size pickup truck that will revolutionize the way work is done. The XT Pickup is everything you expect in a truck: it's rugged, it's durable, and it can perform in the most extreme conditions. Just like our team.

Join us for the ride of your life.


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