Mark Hanchett headshot


Mark Hanchett has over ten years of product development experience with 16 successful electromechanical and software product launches. Mark Hanchett brings a passion for solving hard problems in product strategy, design, manufacturing, and business operations, while continuously driving a focus on the best possible customer experience. Mark has served as Founder, Director, and CEO of Atlis Motor Vehicles since inception in 2016. Before starting Atlis Motor Vehicles, Mark was a director at Axon Enterprise Inc from 2012 to 2017, leading teams in the development of innovative hardware and software products for law enforcement. From 2007 to 2012 he served as a senior mechanical engineer and project manager leading cross-functional teams through design and development of innovative conductive electrical weapons at Axon Enterprise inc. He lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two kids.

Greg Hassler – VP Business Operations

Greg comes from a background in IT where he became involved with automotive software startup company HomeNet Automotive.  Moving through a variety of roles including CTO, COO, and VP of IT Operations, he was a key asset in building the company to 150+ employees and executing an acquisition by Cox /  Since then he has been consulting with a variety of businesses and partnered with, invested in, and project managed other startups including a hydroponic farm in Puerto Rico. Greg has been a lifelong motorsports enthusiast, having raced Porsches and motorcycles, and off-roading in a variety of pickups and SUVs. He’s been living the EV life since 2014 and is actively involved in many EV advocacy groups, now having 3 electric vehicles of his own on both four wheels and two.

Ross Compton –  Lead Vehicle Designer

Ross has had a varied background within automotive design. After completing the famous Coventry University Automotive and Transport design course he went straight to Turin, Italy where he was lucky enough to work on the interior to the Willys AW380 show car shown in Bologna 2014. From there Ross has been on many smaller scale projects for new and developing brands, designing everything from supercars to trucks. Perhaps the most notable experience is his work at Bollinger Motors where Ross, alongside the owner, designed the Bollinger B1. His growing collection of works can be found on his own site

Ishaan Puranik – Battery Systems Engineer

Ishaan completed his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Pune (India) and then pursued a master’s (MSc) from Arizona State University in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Power Electronics, Li-ion battery applications and Electrical Machines.  He is passionate about Electric Vehicles (EVs) and believe that it is the future to come. Ishaan has been involved in many projects related to electric vehicles like design of DC motor regenerative drive, power split between EV battery unit and ultra-capacitor to improve battery performance, and checking viability of MMC based inverter system for AC motor drive in EVs. Ishaan’s thesis “Evaluation of Battery Performance in MMC based BESS” has been accepted at IEEE 2018 ECCE conference and will be published on IEEE website after 27th of September 2018.

Derek Duff – Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Derek’s love for the automotive industry started with his first truck – researching trucks and imagining a way to design and modify them. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine, he moved to Michigan to work with IAV Automotive Engineering at the Chrysler Proving Grounds. Derek spends most of his personal time designing and implementing his ideas into truck builds.  He is designing, testing and validating the suspension and chassis designs for the Atlis Motor Vehicles XT and XP.

James Bock – Mechanical Engineer

James has worked in the automotive industry his entire professional career, covering everything from dealership technician to finance to vehicle dynamics development. During his time studying Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University he knew that he wanted to pursue vehicle development, and quickly decided that the Arizona Toyota proving grounds would be his home. After a few years he moved to a tech startup working with self driving technology where he helped build one of the leading self driving programs in the industry. With Atlis he’s excited to innovate and design using new practices yielding better results.  He is bringing his years of testing experience while to help make sure we produce a product that meets and exceeds customer expectations.