A new ownership experience

Atlis Motor Vehicles isn’t just changing the truck, we’re changing the ownership experience. We’re developing purchase and all-inclusive subscription models, designed to stretch your dollar farther and maximize your electric pickup truck experience.

For subscribers, this means significant monthly savings. It also means an ongoing experience of new vehicles, every three, five or seven years. Maintenance will be covered, as will charges.

For direct purchases, we’ll be offering a warranty you can count on, with the convenience of pay-as-you-go charging.

Save $201 / month

With the Atlis Motor Vehicles XT Pickup Truck subscription purchasing model, owners can save an average savings of $201 per month.

Cost of ownership chart

The Atlis Subscriber Club
  • New vehicle every 3, 5 or 7 years
  • Maintenance is 100% covered
  • Insurance is 100% covered
  • Unlimited free charging
  • Starting at just $700/month
Direct Purchase
  • 10-year, 100% warranty
  • Pay-as-you-go charging
  • Must carry personal insurance
  • Starting $45,000
Service & Warranty

EV’s have inherently longer maintenance intervals than combustion engines, and our trucks are being designed for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity.  But when needed, maintenance and repairs will be carried out by independently operated shops who are certified to maintain Atlis Motor Vehicles pickup trucks, as well as our own service stations and mobile service capabilities which will gradually be established as we continue to grow. Basic maintenance items such as tire changes can be performed at any shop where you can take your existing vehicle.

Our warranty details won’t be fully determined until we’re closer to production, but we are planning for a 10-year warranty.

With our subscription service, all routine maintenance will be covered, and the warranty will last at least the duration of the subscription.